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$30 - Black and White

Black and white drawing with clean lines and near-black colors filled in.

$35 - Flat Color

Black lines filled in with flat colors.

$40 - Cell or Simple Soft Shading

Black lines filled in with color and cell or simple soft shading.

$50 - Advanced Shading

Black lines filled in with color shaded to mimic real light.


+50% base price for every character after the second. You must have permission from the copyright holder of any copyrighted character you want included.


Each panel is treated like a piece in terms of pricing. For example, a comic of five black-and-white panels costs $150. Panels are discounted if there is little being shown in them, like in close-ups.


Every payment transaction will include a pay service fee. I accept payment through Paypal.

Once your piece is entirely finished I will send you an invoice for the payment, set to go overdue if it is not payed off within one week.

Waiting List

I work on only one commission at a time, but I keep a waiting list for others who are interested. Commission details will only be discussed once it is your turn, unless you are unsure whether I will agree to draw the subject matter.

I have many other obligations so don't be surprised if it takes some time for me to get to your commission. However, you will not be skipped. Once I have started, I can usually work fairly quickly, depending on the complexity.


Once I have a good idea of what you want, I will do a rough sketch of the scene and then run it by you to confirm it matches your wishes. I will show you my progress again once the lines are completed.

Until payment is received, all preview images will be lightly watermarked in a way that should not heavily obscure the image.


You may post the piece you payed for to your own accounts as long as I am given credit. You may not use my work to create merchandise with the intent of profit.