Untitled Vore Game Snapshot 24

Patrons can play the WIP in browser here

Added a new sleeping state with a transition from sitting. There is currently no escape from the sleeping state. The wolf is a very heavy sleeper.

After some feedback, I've started hosting my videos on my website. They will still also be posted to YouTube while the content remains SFW, but due to its rules on fetish content, they must be restricted to ages 18+.

At one point I painstakingly implemented support for directly embedding the videos from my website into Patreon, but it uses the Embed.ly service, and I later found out that websites must be whitelisted by the service in order to use it, and my website never will be because of its rules against NSFW. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way for me to properly embed my videos into Patreon anymore.