Hungry Critters Patron Update

This week, I took a break from working on content to add some features and functionality.

Play as Geier

You can now choose to play as Geier the wolf from the title screen. However, this feature is still incomplete and very limited. Currently, pressing E will perform his grab attack, but after eating Lotti, he will largely choose what to do on his own. Clicking will still cause Lotti to kick inside him.

Log In Button Menu

A menu has been added to the log in button with options to see available tiers and my Patreon page, after I realized my on-boarding flow sucked. This feature has been fast-tracked to the public version.

Pause Menu

A menu has been added to the pause screen with several options, many of them new.


This option will instantly reset the characters to their starting positions and states.


Several options to change graphics setting have been added for those who want less demand or more fidelity from their computer. Until now, I've been aiming to make the graphics balanced between the two extremes, but with this, I can now push some things to their upper limit. These settings are not currently remembered, but will soon be saved to your browser.


This will let you change several graphics options at once with settings for Maximum, Balanced, and Minimum. I'd like to allow HC to run on nearly everything, and I hope the lower settings will be a step towards facilitating that.

Shadow Quality

This will let you change the amount of shadow detail in the scene, also allowing you to turn them off entirely.


This will allow you to choose from the following options for frames per second: 15, 30, 60, 90, and 120. Things get a little wobbly at 15 FPS, but appear to still work. I'll have to put  more work in to ensure the game runs truly FPS-independent. Frame rates above 60 will remain a subscriber-only feature.

Content Settings

Settings for disabling undesired content are uniquely controlled by each character and displayed in the pause menu. Currently, you can disable digestion in order to give Lotti as much time as you want inside Geier or disable butt stuff for Geier to avoid his accidental AV attack and butt release.

Full Screen

The game can now be made full screen and its resolution will automatically adjust accordingly. This option will remain a subscriber-only feature.

Play Hungry Critters

Patrons can play this version here. 

Predator tier subscribers can access the source files from inside the game with their Patreon account.

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