Hungry Critters Patron Update

Play as Geier

Geier is now 100% controllable. I've created a unified control system for characters that is contextual with on-screen instructions: WASD for movement and E, R, F, Shift, and Space for various actions which change with the character's state. I also finally did some good work on unspaghettiing the code and better organizing it into classes to prepare for future content.

Some eye weirdness was also fixed in Geier's grab attack.

Saving Settings

Your settings are now remembered by your browser when you change them in the menu. Content settings are not saved yet because they are dictated by the characters, which will soon undergo large changes in the way they work and the effort would be wasted.

Playing Hungry Critters

Patrons can play this version here. 

Predator tier patrons can download the source code from within the game with their Patreon account.

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